GRAPHIC EXPRESS: First steps to graphic facilitation in youth work



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Table of content
1 – Learning process
4 Reasons For Using Graphic Facilitation For Learning Support
5 Drawing For Sharing A Message Through History
6 Thinking About Learning
7 How’s Your Inner Readiness For Drawing?! 8 Having And Growing That Inner Readiness 10 A Picture Paints A Thousand Words
11 Got what you need?

2 – Drawing basics and techniques
12 4 Basic Principles
14 5 Basic Elements
16 Have A Go
18 Doodle Like Crazy
19 My Visual Vocabulary 20VisualWaysTo Show“Learning” 21 Metaphors And More
22 Big Picture And Positioning 23 Templates

3 – The appliance of science
25 How To Apply It In Preparing Your Work
26 How To Apply It In Delivering Your Work 28 Graphic Facilitation
30 How To Apply It In Documenting Your Work 32 How And When To Involve Others

4 – What next?
34 Using The Results After An Event 36 More Fun With A Pen
37 Reference

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